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“And even as he was leaving the White House on that last day [as president], I can’t say that the core character of the man had changed at all. But basically, it was the same person I knew way back when.” reporter Jeff Zeleny pitched the idea to their editors to chronicle the first year of newly elected Sen. Neither he or the girls are paying any attention to me, so I was taking these intimate pictures on Day One.Right away, I knew he was a good subject in that he didn’t mind someone snapping away while he was doing what he does, which is what as a photojournalist you strive to find.”When Obama was elected president, he was comfortable enough with Souza to bring him on as chief White House photographer, a role in which he supervised three other photographers. Even though I had marching orders, I had to earn the right to be in every meeting and to feel out photographing the family.”Eventually, Souza and Obama developed a more informal relationship.I could be behind him and show things from his perspective and you could tell right away it was him,” he says.“I feel sorry for the photographers who had Gerald Ford or George Bush 41 as their subjects.But in actuality, he finishes his speech and points to those two guys to come join him backstage.So the photo is backstage with these two young guys, and he’s got his hand on this one kid’s shoulders who he’s talking to. He’s just been called back by the President of the United States, and now he’s a foot away from him.

We chose this property 40 years ago, partly because of the open flat sunny meadow surrounded by forests with distant mountain views and partly because the geology is as varied in each direction as the potential activities nearby.

n the roughly 34 years since Donald Trump assumed the presidency—that’s Emotional Standard Time; chronologically, it’s been less than two years—it’s easy to forget that there was once a time when the President of the United States was so unflappable, he earned the nickname “No Drama” Obama.

Outraged progressives and forlorn Democrats are likely to be mighty ambivalent when it comes to nostalgia for the Barack Obama years. During the White House years, Souza tells me, he averaged somewhere between 500 and 2,000 photos of the president each day.

The House Itself Sits In A Valley Looking Over A Beautiful Meadow.

In Addition, An Outdoor Hot Tub, And Fire-Pit Table Creates The Perfect Opportunity To Enjoy The Informal Landscape Surrounding A 300-Year-Old Heritage Oak Tree.

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