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In short, they wanted to remove discretionary power from corrections and give that power over to legislatures.

During the Reagan era, conservatives seeking to impose more severe penalties also liked this idea, and many states abolished parole and adopted determinant sentencing policies that called for comparatively harsh sentences.

Women are not attracted to him sexually in any way, and therefore marri­age is out of the ques­tion.

When living intima­tely toge­ther with groups of men, a homo­sexual is incapable of hiding his sexua­lity, and therefore he cannot have hetero­sexuals as tent- or room-mates.

Having an unhappy twist, he is inde­li­cate, indecent, coarse, unclean, and physi­cally and moral­ly defor­med.Martinson considered the possibility that these findings suggest offenders should be treated outside the prison, but quickly dismissed that idea.In their review, he and his colleagues found no evidence that treatment outside the prison was any more effective than treatment in prison.For instance, doing well in a prison’s educational programming or counselling made no impact on recidivism.Further, Martinson’s review found that the length of a sentence had no impact on recidivism.

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