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Five years after the start of the conflict in Syria, world leaders are still trying to work out how they can heave the country out of the abyss.But one thing is certain: the British aid effort has been severely let down by our European partners.The injunction is overturned a week later but it paves the way for the first modern-day land claim settlement in Canada. 11, 1975, the Cree and Inuit give up their claim to certain land in northern Quebec in return for 5 million in compensation.

Rates of sexual violence are shamefully high, with girls and boys are being trafficked into the sex trade.Overall, Britain is by far the biggest European donor to Syrian refugees in the Middle East.Countries like Germany and France did not pull their weight in the early days of the Syrian refugee crisis. 15, 1973, the Cree and Inuit win a major court victory when Mr.Justice Albert Malouf of the Quebec Superior Court grants an injunction to stop the construction of the James Bay Project.

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