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Film advance is with a lever, something fairly advanced for this level of camera at the time.

The film advance cocks the shutter and also increases the exposure count. There is also a cold flash shoe and a socket for a flash.

The lenses are usually small aperture and will provide a clear depth of field from perhaps five feet to infinity. The lens focuses, but the user has to estimate the distance.

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There is a switch on the bottom - front that you switch to the A (automatic) or the flash setting.With autofocus, you just point at the subject and the camera focuses automatically. With all of these cameras the photographer views the image through a viewfinder which is not connected to the lens.The view through this viewfinder or window can hence be slightly different from the image that hits the film.This section contains over 70 still cameras from A to Z (Agfa to Zeiss Ikon) using 35mm film but not having single lens reflex viewing and focusing. The third way is rangefinder focusing which provides precise focusing. Often there are two, three or four distance zones often represented by icons to help the user.

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