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And you know where the gymoffice is already."Jenna felt sister Ann's eyes roam her figure as she stood before her.

Shefelt a twinge of concern as sister Ann checked her out. The long pause made Jenna want to scream, "what is it?!

Jenna, unsure of why she wanted her so close, was not in any mind to upsether new employer so early so she stepped onto the spot she pointed too.

Jenna looked down at her head mistress as she watched her hands grab thehem of her pleated skirt.

Her stomach tightened as sister Ann's hands touched her outer thighs and began to slide upward.

Jenna remembered her excitementat receiving the telephone call from sister Ann notifying her she'd gottenthe job. Jenna hurriedly laid out the prescribed garb for non-sister's, as providedby sister Ann. Thephilosophy at the school was that students learn better from teachers thatthey can relate too, so teachers were expected to dress in a similar m Annras the students.", butshe composed herself and asked, "Am I dressed okay?""Uh, well, now that you asked, I need to make sure you've followed therules we provided you in your orientation packet," sister Ann statedplainly. I followed them exactly," Jenna reassured her."Please step over here," sister Ann said as she pointed to a spot on thefloor directly in front of her.The Catholic school wasrenowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education.As she showered, the petite blonde reflected back on the interview processwith the head mistress, sister Ann.

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