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Lesson number two: don’t believe everything you read.Even though the site I was on claimed to be for professionals looking for romance, a lot of the men are just trawling for sex. Hearing this I have never wanted to date the 56-year-old Conservative politician more. crop=5760,3240,0,300&resize=2400 2400w" /John Whittingdale, the culture secretary, has confessed to finding a girlfriend on an internet dating site, who he discovered was a dominatrix six months into their relationship. crop=5760,3240,0,300&resize=685"sizes="(min-width: 768px) 685px, 100vw"srcset="// It has every ingredient of a Richard Curtis romance: a befuddled British establishment figure, lonely in power, meets a woman also lonely, wielding her own kind of power.

Lesson number three: while a lot of women are looking for fulfilling relationships, a large number of men are just up for a quick fling.That is the thing with internet dating, it may have lost its stigma but in my experience it’s still a stomping ground for social misfits and shy loners who would find it hard to get a date in the real world. You may be socially challenged in real life but in cyberspace anyone can pretend to be Leonardo Di Caprio.When I met William, for example, I hardly recognised the cultured, artistic and caring individual from his profile.Not only did he let me know the price of every item on the menu, sparkling conversation for him meant a detailed account of his favourite hobby: trainspotting. After all, I was beginning to find it creepy and it was expensive. Every morning I would check the sites to see how many messages I had.If I was particularly popular, the idea that I was desirable would give me a shot of confidence.

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