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It was now September and I hadn’t heard a peep back from White Cloud.

During much of that time I had been nearly begging to get the contract finished–I wanted to have at least one item completed from the action list that seemed to be growing daily.

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Judy started her manufacturing company with 0 and a desire to ease people’s pain.

The agreement would provide White Cloud revenue streams from both the book and the online dating website, while simultaneously permitting me to leverage the book’s content without restriction to maximize profits.

But my counter-offer had been sucked into the vortex of the Bookmuda Triangle.

Finally, I received the following email from Stephen, the gentleman who is responsible for the business-side of White Cloud. Stephen did go on to say: I was pretty certain that they would buy in.

He wrote: I also want to say that I am not comfortable relinquishing the rights without a clearer picture of what our agreement will be with regard to our participation in the overall project going forward….so, maybe we should talk after I get a look at the changes… We were asking them to surrender the lifeblood of their profit stream, so we needed to work this facet just a bit more to get there. They were beginning to get a taste of our Silicon Valley tenacity.

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