The detailsview fired event itemupdating which

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This will be more clear as we get to the other event handlers.

After we call Data Bind method Item Data Bound event is fired.

Item Updating event not fired for Details View Update with Enable View State=false Hi there - newbie to the site here.

Apologies if this is something you've already answered - I have checked through the forums carefully for some time but could not find this precise issue covered anywhere else.

Enter SB: Hi, i have created custom control which contains Lo...

When I set Auto Generate Rows to true, everything works fine.

Since textbox does not have ' Choose Data Source' in its smart menu I can't bind data to the textbox (there is Edit Data Binding menu, but it just shows list of fields from the datasource of detailsview).

These are actually Data-Bound controls which can be bound to Data Source controls such as an Object Data Source or Sql Data Source.

I'm going to guess at it, that they don't get raised initially because of nothing to do, just perform the changing of the mode.

In either case I guess, it's more of a state change than the raising of events.

However, when i set it to false, and generate rows dynamically using Template Field - Item Updating stops working (but Item Deleting works!

This is very strange, here's the code (this is user control which contains only asp:details View, so place it on any page to test it) Details View I am using a Details View to update an existing SQL Server record.

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