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Everywhere closes at am and Saturday is the only real big night of the week for nightlife activities.Give it a miss and stick with getting your women during the day and get them to come visit you at night. If you have a heart beat and can speak, you will find a girlfriend as soon as someone sees you in Davao that’s how good it is.You don’t even need to spend much money here, buy them a burger meal at Jollibee or take them for a coffee somewhere and if not the first date the second one you can get them back to your room to watch Netflix or something. You can see how beautiful and friendly the girls from Davao City are by using a free dating site such as Filpino Cupid (it’s free to sign up) and you will literally get hundreds of messages a day from lonely single women wanting to snag themselves a white foreigner.The top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines are must-see places.Most people will tell you that you will never get your bond back in the Philippines and so when you have one month left to stay tell the landlord to pay the last months rent from your bond money and then just vacate the place.The best food to eat is something like Inasal which is under 100 pesos for a meal of roast chicken and unlimited rice or even the fast food places such as Jollibee where a meal will cost under 100 pesos and give you fries or rice and a drink with your burger or chicken.The good news is the kidnappings and other bad shit does not happen or take place in Davao city.The city itself is very safe because of the long term mayor Duterte.

If you rent an apartment or condo there they will usually ask for a bond to the value of one months rent up front and also one month rent in advance.

Davao is one of the best provinces to visit if you would like to unwind, commune with nature and spend time with animals.

This multicultural hub is home to beautiful valleys and mountain ranges as well as protected wildlife.

They all run on set routes and have the locations they go to usually on the side of the truck itself along with a number.

It costs 8 pesos to jump on one and it will take you anywhere you want to go in the city itself.

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