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Wondering who your soul mate is - and if this person might already be in your life... This Tarot reading analyzes your side of the relationship as well as your love interest's side, and then shows you the final result.

You'll know how close you are to true love once you get your Soul Mate Tarot reading!

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It shows you how to unlock all of love's potential magic in your life.And I speak from experience when I tell you to expect the unexpected on those nerve-wracking first dates. Will he turn out to be a couple of inches shorter than stated in the profile? Internet Dating site are shark infested waters and you need to have your wits about you. It can show if they are ready for a new relationship and if their intentions are honourable. What attracts him/her to me Shows why the other person feels drawn to you based on your dating website profile. It might also show if there is a karmic/past life link with this person.Look out for the 6 of Cups or Majors in this position as a clue to whether or not you have a past life connection, and what the nature of your connection was. Hopes and fears Shows possible hopes or fears the other person might have concerning the date. Advice This card shows you what to be mindful of and/or what the best approach would be on the date.Your Love Tarot reading can give you the foresight to navigate the romantic ups and downs of your life.Get deep insight and sound advice for your romantic situation.

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