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In fact, we spent most of our time winding each other up, barely talking at times, living by the theory 'One loves their family, though you don't have to like them'. I was minding my own business in my room, looking forward to the summer holidays fast approaching. Even at 13, near enough to 14, my birthday in February not long after the holidays finished, I set my mind to getting out of the house as soon as possible. I just looked right through her, like she didn't exist. My 15 birthday was when shit well and truly hit the fan, and my parents and sister were left with no doubt what I thought about the lot of them. It was only as we aged that we began to appreciate our relationship with one another, and I think, despite the distance, we're now much closer than we used to be, as whenever we see one another, we spend plenty of time together and can actually stand being around one another. I think most people out there have at least a half decent relationship with their brother or sister. Sure, when growing up, you probably had the usual issues when growing up. I could hear an argument in the living room between my sister and parents. By now, Charlie and I had little to do with each other, and I think that suited us just fine. I barely talked to anyone in the house after that incident. By this time, I got up, showered, dressed and headed straight to school, trying to avoid the kitchen if anyone was in there. I sat down to dinner with them in the evening simply because I had no choice. Until the age of about 10, the relationship with my older sister, Charlie (born as Charlene, she preferred Charlie), had been rather nice. And I soon found myself in trouble with the parents. Slowly but surely, I realised my relationship with Charlie had changed. Most of my friends had one or more siblings, and they all appeared to get on far better than Charlie and I.

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