Starbucks dating customers

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The move doubles the 25p discount that Pret introduced last year for those who choose not to use disposable paper cups.

The company said it hoped the improved offer would “help change habits”.

Their experiences as black customers, they say, have been overwhelmingly pleasant.

“I patronize Starbucks four or five times a week,” said Murray. Easley had been hearing and reading about Uncle Bobbie’s, but the Starbucks incident prompted both men to visit it Monday for the first time.

Dovidio noted that incidents of racial profiling have been widespread.

What you thought was a cosmopolitan space becomes an exclusively white space,” said Anderson, before referencing the Starbucks employee who called the police.As calls to boycott Starbucks spread, so too do evaluations of which establishments are truly welcoming to black patrons.In Philadelphia, a city where 44 percent of residents are African American, according to census estimates, these conversations touch on race, class, respectability, politics, and the persistence of segregation. Fewer consumers say they're as likely to buy food or drinks at Starbucks (SBUX) following the incident, according to new data from You Gov Brand Index, a service that tracks brand perception.Last week, a Philadelphia store manager had two black men arrested when they refused to leave after using the store's restroom without making a purchase.

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