Stanley plane iron dating

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They were very susceptible to corrosion and the printed trademark could easily become obliterated over time. A third cutter had the same finish as type 2, but was much thicker, up to about 2.5mm.These were known as “New Improved Cutters" (NIC’s) and a white sticker was sometimes attached to the plane box to show their inclusion. ‘Changeover’ planes are identified by being constructed of a mixture of original Woden and Record parts.

Early W4 frogs had a single lower face frame, which changed to two frames from about mid 1955 onwards.2 inch frogs on W5 planes and all 2-3/8 inch plane frogs to date have been found with two lower face frames.Early frogs of all sizes from 1954 to mid 1955, had a single mark 5/32 inches (4 mm) in height in the upper right hand frame. From 1955 to1957, this single mark increased in size to 7/32 inches (5.5 mm) for 2 inch frogs.From about 1957 to the end of production, the letter “Q” was included in the upper left hand face frame in addition to the right hand number mark.Mid and late 2 inch frogs have the same features and probably came from an external supplier.

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