Sql trigger for updating one table from another

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When the collation is specified without strength, it seems the system defaults to strength 2, which is case and accent sensitive.

When a collation is not explicitly used in the CREATE TABLE statement for a column, then the database default collation is used for this column.

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Because a schema object is always in a schema and a schema always in a catalog, it is possible, and sometimes necessary, to qualify the name of the schema object that is being referenced in an SQL statement. An identifier chain is formed by qualifying each object with the name of the object that owns its name-space. The following character sets, together with some others, have been specified by the SQL Standard: SQL_TEXT, SQL_IDENTIFIER, SQL_CHARACTER The SQL_CHARACTER consists of ASCII letters, digits and the symbols used in the SQL language.This schema is read-only and contains some views and other schema objects. The catalog name has no relation to the file name of the database. Schema objects are database objects that contain data or govern or perform operations on data.The views contain lists of all the database objects that exist within the catalog, plus all authorizations. A name is an identifier and is unique within its name-space. Each database has also an internal "unique" name which is automatically generated when the database is created. By definition, each schema object belongs to a specific schema.The value 0 indicates least sensitivity to differences.At this strength the collation is case-insensitive and ignores differences between accented letters.

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