Speed dating los gatos

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While I was deep into readying about photosynthesis and osmosis I noticed Matt and his roommates playing pool.Soon after Matt sat down next to me, ordered an IPA and started up a conversation.Fast forward a few more months and we started living together.It was a big surprise to my friends and family that things were moving so quickly and I recall a few messages from friends along the lines of " I hope you know what your doing" :) Little did everyone know that I did know. He is kind, supportive and everything I could ask for in a partner.At that time I was working with interns from Sacramento State so after we enjoyed our talks on the porch my interns would come over for work and Matt would head home.After a handful of these porch conversations we went on our very first date- Joes Crab Shack.One thing lead to another and we started to date seriously.Fast forward a few months and we added a puppy to the mix.

I knew then as I do now Cassandra was the one for me.

Now our wedding is 6 months away and I can't wait for all of you to be a part of it Cassandra and I met through our roommates.

We had seen each other a few times but I never had the nerve to go and talk with her.

It was your typical watering hole always full of locals and college students.

They had a couple pool tables along with darts and a jukebox so it served as a good place to start the night off.

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