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The health benefits are increased if it is fermented as you are getting greatly increased numbers of lactic acid bacteria.Specifically acidophilus milk has been proven This is from an old medical study (all the brains have moved on to more exciting things than sweet milk! We know now that not all strains will do all of these things - some will do better than others - but overall this is a very healthy drink to consume.All rooms also have a private entrance and some rooms have patios or decks.

With over 60 rides, performance shows and attractions, the resort is a fun destination for families.The Skyline Bar serves fresh drinks and snacks with a view throughout the day.The atrium has a knight's castle where kids can play on a 32-foot high pirate shipwreck and a river of Lego.If you are looking for luxury California vacations, this is a beautiful place to stay.Natural water wells in the Palm Springs area have attracted travelers seeking rejuvenation to the California desert for generations.

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