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You can also smell neroli, but not as much as Neroli Portofino for instance. I honestly bought this because of the unique circular design, my gut told me not to buy it because of the countless amounts of orange/citrus based fragrances already out there, but the fancy design got the best of me.Somehow it has the ADG DNA but it reminds me more of Armani Code Sport. As for the upsides, this does not smell anything like most citrus based fragrances. I'd have to give this one a solid pass My review is just matiasmakesbeat‘s review word for word, but I’ll add that Aqva Amara makes me feel gross and like I got doused with seaweed-scented Pine Sol.Aqva Amara, or "bitter water", is a fragrance filled with energy and light symbolized with its copper color bottle.The composition includes accords of Sicilian mandarin mixed with oil of neroli flower.On the drydown I also get hints of the typical seaweed accord as in the original Bvlgari Aqva.On the late drydown I also get patchouli and a bit of incense.I bought 3 bottle of same batch which I rock till date when sun is sizzling here in sunny California. As it dries down I basically get heavy neroli (orange blossom) on my skin (and neroli is one of my favourite aromas ever).

It's a fact that Aqua Amara actually picked up sales after some You Tubers gave rave reviews like Mr Smelly or Cuba Now etc. My friend circle heavily rely on my advice when it comes to fragrances.Scent: 5 Longevity: 9 Sillage: 8 Value: 7-8 Occasions: casual (ages 18-early 30s) I had this frag for a long time and I really tried to enjoy it but learned that it just wasn't for me.While it does last long and project well, the mixture of the sour and bitter orange mixed with "sea" vibes is a bit off putting.And for the downsides, it doesn't have the fresh smell of some like acqua di gio nor the sweetness of artisan pure. This is the opposite of a refreshing, mood-boosting summer fragrance.The imprimatur of Jacques Cavallier (Pasha de Cartier, YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme, Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme) made me think this was a safe blind-buy fragrance.

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