Special needs dating

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These libraries select and procure documents and other sources of relevant documents in the particular field and disseminate the updated information in the concerned field.

it gives pinpointed technical information promptly. Provides desired information to users on demand and mostly in anticipation.

Many special libraries are not open to the general public, though access may be requested for specialized research by request.

Special libraries are also sometimes known as information centers.

Today, these fall under the heading of corporate libraries, discussed below.

The major professional association for special libraries is the Special Libraries Association, which has chapters in Canada, the US, and Europe.

The UK based Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and the Australian Library and Information Association also have focus groups devoted to special libraries.

The dual-degree requirement in law librarianship has been widely debated in recent years, given librarians in medical or business libraries, for example, are not required to have advanced degree in subject disciplines.

Legal reference services available to the general public are typically extremely limited due to legal restrictions on non-attorneys providing legal advice.

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