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A guy has to be good looking, athletic(think muscles) drive a nice car, have a HOUSE(not an apt) and the list goes on .this is for one of the ugly ones.can imagine what the pretty ones want. I can't move because I now have a medical condition and my job is here and I am "locked in" While I am screwed, I am hoping that I just save one person's life by convincing them not to move here then I have done my job.

I have seen your posts before and I am not impressed.

I am pretty much decided that as long as I live in this that I will be single forever, in fact, I probably won't be able to have kids just because I can't find a woman this nice and intelligent and can conversate well.

These images have various known copyright and other restrictions but are available for reference purposes. Whitmeyer glass plate negatives collection consists of 39 glass plate negatives of Hardin County, Texas, dating about 1890-about 1910.See individual copyright statements at the item level for more information regarding copyright and publication options. Select images within this collection were created by photographers Hughes and Lane of Batson, Texas.Please include the credit “(image number, collection name,) Courtesy of Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, Texas State Library and Archives Commission” when using these images in any way. Images are of group portraits, street scenes and the surrounding area of Saratoga and Batson, Texas. Clyde and Thelma See Glass Plate Negatives Collection The Clyde and Thelma See glass plate negatives collection consists of 122 glass plate negatives and eight contact prints of Hardin County, Texas, dating about 1905-about 1920.Beaumont/Pt Arthur are not anything at all like San Antonio for example or even laredo. People here are rude as 99, Not trying to impress you nor defend this area south of where I live but where I do work.This is the only explanation that I can think of as to why I have problems here and not there. Just pointing out that though you say you articulate carefully maybe you are articulating the wrong word or possibly making up your own words (this will turn some women off).

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