Sophos secondary server not updating

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A dedicated hardware or virtual load balancer will provide much better performance and capability than NLB can, for any Exchange version.

If you're new to the concept of Client Access Server arrays and need to know more then check out this article for an introduction and overview of CAS Arrays.

Hassle-free password change for Active Directory users with ADSelf Service Plus ‘Change Password’ console.

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information and a quick search facility to scout for information about peers by using search keys, like contact number, of the personality being searched.One final step, on each of the NLB members run the following command to allow the NLB virtual IP address to be reachable from outside of the subnet that it resides in.Replance “NLB” with the name of your NLB interface on your server.Also do use the comments section to add suggestions of your own and I will publish them to the post.Citrix have made recommendations that you exclude these files from being scanned by your anti-virus software.

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