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"For years, even for decades, people have had the capability to wipe out the contents of hard drives, render computers unbootable, to destroy data.

We saw things like this in 1982."Bejtlich did not confirm whether Sony is a client of Mandiant or Fire Eye.

"The networks are just too vast, too broad and it's not possible to prevent them entirely." The key is detection, and most companies don't have adequate staffing or protocols in place to deal swiftly with a cyber security incident."We have a generation of leaders who treat this as an IT issue and they believe that if you just buy the right software then you can just write a check and take care of the issue," Bejtlich lamented.

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"If you're in a company where you can get a good response to all three of those questions, you're probably not doing too badly," he said.

But there is a profit motive underneath this stuff and there is profit potential for them, so I'm sure that if they don't use it they will probably shop it to people who will."Information stolen in the Sony hack included employees' Social Security numbers and other personal data that could be valuable to identity thieves.

There is a massive international black market for information acquired in hacker attacks, and intricate distribution channels for digital booty.

Though Demarest stressed at the Senate committee hearing that the FBI began working with Sony "within hours" of discovery of the infiltration, it can be argued that that's simply not good enough -- not if the breach had gone undiscovered for a long period of time first."Organizations need to implement strategies, policies and technologies that allow them to detect these breaches when they occur, because then they can actually mitigate them," Shawn Henry, president of the services division at Crowd Strike and former executive assistant director at the FBI, told CBS News.

"If it goes on for months at a time that an adversary is inside the network, that's where serious damages can occur."Bejtlich said that based on his experience, the average time between a breach and when someone notices the breach is seven to eight months.

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