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You didn’t know who to believe – and you didn’t know what you were going to get.The first thing we got was the much-heralded AR experience of the opening song, ‘Love Is All We Have Left’.When the audience turn on their mobile lights for ‘One’, it is very affecting indeed, one of those moments when the church of U2 achieves a collective strength that is genuinely unparalleled.Back to Willie Williams and The Edge: they both insisted during the week that the show is not some piece of musical theatre.Bono reaches out to her on the screen but she slips away, out of his grasp, to the stars.It is a deeply moving glimpse into the heart of an artist, delving plaintively into the past.Our man in Tulsa: Pat Carty According to designer Willie Williams, and The Edge, and everyone else who was talking in Tulsa over the past few days, the e XPERIENCE i NNOCENCE tour was initially supposed to follow promptly on the heels of i NNOCENCE e XPERIENCE jaunt, or even be part of the same bill.

‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, featuring Larry on single snare, leads into a powerful ‘Raised By Wolves’.

Frankly, this technological marvel was a bit of a conundrum.

It didn’t detract from the songs hymnal quality and you can sense that there is potential there for future marvels. The show really began with the second song, ‘The Blackout’. In contrast, ‘Lights Of Home’ stood out from the first listen – the band perform it on the main stage, Bono climbing up along an incline of lights, through the screen, to reach the other end, carried along by The Edge’s slide guitar.

They don’t so much break the fourth wall as crumple it up and throw it out the window.

The political message of ‘Pride’, that the American dream is still alive despite the rise of the idiots, the shams and the hucksters currently occupying the presidential office in the US, might have been seen as a risky gambit in such a pro-Trump state, but the audience don’t seem to mind. ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way” and ‘American Soul', performed in front of a huge stars and stripes are stronger than on record, all rock ’n’ roll bustle and power.

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