Sisters dating same man

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As a matter of fact, Hazrat Uthman married Ruqayya, the daughter of the Prophet and then when she died, he married Umm Kulthum, the other daughter of the Prophet.

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and that transforms the film in a well-known story about identical twins and the happy end.

the theme is not bad but its use is far to be convincing.

is not a big deal ones there is loveteeo: My own view...

It depends on the family, culturally Nigerians see marriage as a merging of two families, if a family is already one by a previous marriage another marriage could be like committing

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/ Two Sets Of Black And White Twins Born In The Same Family.There is nothing wrong in it so far they are not marring the same happened in my family my uncle(my dad's younger brother)married the elder sister and the younger sister came to live with her along the line my cousin(my dad's elder brother's son) fell in love with the younger sister and wants to marry her ,thou my dad's elder brother resisted initially but he was unable to separate them bc the son(my cousin)refuse to marry any other lady and today they are both married in our family answering the same surname.Dont try to diss culture, it has some powers as long as you are african, culture has some roots in you. Who cares anyway-if the two couples are happy-happiness is the bottom line.thorpido: Technically,it is allowed but really something is just not right about it. If twin sisters can marry twin brothers in the same family, why can't two sisters marry to two brothers in the same family? I've seen twin sisters get married to twin brothers but for two sisters to marry two brothers..... I've seen twin sisters get married to twin brothers but for two sisters to marry two brothers..... What differentiate twins from two sisters born in different days?

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