Sir pnr2 updating

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To prevent damage When replacing the fuse, be sure to only use a fuse of the rating prescribed on this product.When disconnecting a connector, pull the connector itself.We recommend that only authorized Pioneer service personnel, who have special training and experience in mobile electronics, set up and install this product. Installing or servicing this product and its connecting cables may expose you to the risk of electric shock or other hazards, and can cause damage to the navigation system that is not covered by warranty.If you decide to perform the installation yourself, and have special training and experience in the mobile electronics installations, please carefully follow all of the steps in the Installation Manual.IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR NEW NAVIGATION SYSTEM AND THIS MANUAL The navigation features of this product (and rear view camera option if purchased) are intended solely to aid you in the operation of your vehicle.It is not a substitute for your attentiveness, judgment and care when driving.Never feed power to other electronic products by cutting the insulation of the power supply lead of the navigation system and tapping into the lead.The current capacity of the lead will be exceeded, causing overheating. Please ground this lead separately from the ground of high-current products such as power amps.

Traffic restrictions and advisories currently in force should always take precedence over guidance given by this product.

Connecting grounds together can cause a fire and/or damage the products if their grounds became detached.

English Español Deutsch Français Italiano Nederlands 4 Connecting the System Before installing this product This product is for vehicles with a 12-volt battery and negative grounding.

Do not cut the GPS antenna cable to shorten it or use an extension to make it longer.

Altering the antenna cable could result in a short circuit or malfunction. If you do, the protection circuit (fuse holder, fuse resister or filter, etc.) may fail to work properly.

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