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Grown exclusively for royalty in ancient times, our Medjool Dates will delight even the most discriminating connoisseur. Unless you’re a date enthusiast like us — or one of our ever-growing loyal customers — we’re willing to bet no. Ramadan is during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

As you are shopping you might want to keep the following shipping rates that we know for sure in mind. Every day during this month, faithful observers of Islam do not eat or drink during the daylight hours.

If the shipping calculator charges you more - we will refund the difference!

So it turns out all those Baby Einstein videos we parents have been showing our infants aren't the panacea we thought them to be.

Learn how “healthy” boundaries can improve ALL of your relationships and enable you to “take control” of your life. The videos are entertaining, as well as informative. Enter the parking lot from Montebello Ave, on the South side of the campus.

The discussion afterward is very helpful, enjoyable and fun. The Family Life Ctr is off to your right and has multiple double-glass doors.

We specialize in growing dates for you, the individual. Here in Dateland, we grow eight of those varieties, but some of them are available in such a limited quantity that we don't offer them on the web site.

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In that region, mortality of the small, drought-deciduous shrubs plants succumbed at one location.New studies show that children under the age of two should not be watching any video at all, and certainly not those inane puppets set to Mozart and brought to us by the fine folks at Disney.Turns out the videos might even lead to a worsened attention span as children reach school age. Threatened by the possibility of a class action lawsuit brought by a group called Campaign For a Commercial-free Childhood, Disney is now offering refunds to parents who have purchased these videos in droves.Data on 21 additional perennial species showed that other species of small, drought-deciduous shrubs also sustained considerably higher mortality.The best predictor of plant responses was the Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) calculated for a 60-month time frame ending in March 2003, indicating the importance of the cumulative effect of successive drought years.

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