Silly headlines for dating sites

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It would be difficult to identify anything more helpful than actively reporting the story when a vitamin is shown to reduce lung cancer by 61%.The good news about how important high quantities of vitamin E are in combating cancer is not arising out of nowhere.

If they did, you would have heard all about it in their advertisements. Truly valuable research does not scare people; it helps people get well.Short-term supplementation with high doses of dietary vitamin E leads to increased CD4: CD8 ratios and to capacity by their T cells to produce the T helper 1 cytokines interleukin 2 and IFN-gamma.In 10 of 12 patients, an increase of 10% or more (average, 22%) in the number of T cells producing interleukin 2 was seen after 2 weeks of vitamin E supplementation." The authors concluded that "dietary vitamin E may be used to improve the immune functions in patients with advanced cancer." That improvement was achieved in a mere two weeks merits special attention. Did you hear about how high doses of vitamin E help cancer patients’ immune systems in only two weeks? Might the answer possibly have anything to do with money?Well-publicized vitamin scares feed the pharmaceutical industry.Successful reports of safe, inexpensive vitamin therapy do not. This is an enormous public health problem with enormous consequences.

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