Sheu0027s dating the gangster 2

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You do not need to pay anything to use any feature one our website.Unless you would like to donate to us for our hard work on making the site and chat run great :).I work hard everyday to make sure that the site is updated and taken care of.One main feature that will be coming soon is being able to make your own chat room and control everything about it.We only have one room that requires that you register for.We started out being an free online adult chat site.You are talking to everyone in the chat room wihtout delay.

Az DGDating Medium Version 1.9.3 CSRF WHICH ALLOWS TO CREATE BACKDOOR ON TARGET [email protected] screen after successfull CSRF attack.

code section:(XSS CSRF traversal)=========================SNIP====================After succesfull attack open: DGDating Medium/languages/zh/CTRL U you will see whole config admin password included.

=================================EOF==================================================================Workaround about XSS vulns: Include it in your php (not tested with this CMS)====================BEGIN================',' ','document.write',',',' Char Code','..','document.cookie','cookie','eval','href','document.location','location.replace','window','onmouse','onblur','onfocus','onerror','\'','limit','javascript');foreach($commonpatterns as $myvals){if(stristr(urldecode($_SERVER[' QUERY_STRING']),$myvals)){ die('============================END===================================Vendor informed about vulns via e-mail.

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1) This Usa Mobile Chat rooms Embed by Neatchat rooms.2) Free Mobile Chat Rooms are No need To Sign up or Registration, Use Nick Names and Enter into Chat Rooms 3) Dont Abuse or Race , Sex Chat Strictly not allowed 4) Dont Provide the email address or phone numbers to chatters.

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