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He does have head tattoos and laser vision, after all. I don't want to run the risk of him unleashing his enchanted morning star or dispatching locusts and talking goats to visit pestilence on our houses.

Promotion: UFCRecord: 9-3The former British strongman competitor made his UFC debut last month in Sydney.

If my thoroughly unscientific research is any indication, people who don't watch a lot of MMA (and, believe it or not, there are a good amount of them) seem to have this perception that the fighters are all a bunch of barbaric, bloodthirsty, heavily tattooed, baby-eating, street-brawling cannibals. Serious fans realize that, brutal though it undoubtedly is, most of the sport's combatants take pains to follow the rules, respect their opponents, and show gratitude to the fans.

What's more, serious fans derive more than a little entertainment from the unassuming physiques of some of the sport's most revered practitioners (see: Penn, B. No, the reality is a far cry from the mohawks, show muscles and Satanic tattoos that festoon the cage fighters of popular imagination.

Promotion: One FCRecord: 31-7-2The longtime lightweight veteran dropped to featherweight about six months ago (he's 3-0 there so far).

He also seems to have a pretty good fighting stare. It looks like he's trying to set something on fire. Get one of me and my most favorite tire."Laugh all you want at his MMA mediocrity. But if I see the champion strongman walking down the street, I am NOT making eye contact.

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Spread some irrational fear, perpetuate some stereotypes, and share it with your friends.

” and shave their heads are hella badass, and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks.

But let me clarify, because I’m afraid there might be some confusion here. So, if you’re a victim of male pattern baldness or some type of alopecia, don’t fret.

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