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Most of the foreign wives come from Japan, followed by women from Western countries like Australia, America and Canada.The attraction of Shanghai men seems to be not just their mild temperament and the way they respect their brides but also that Shanghai men have become open to foreign cultures and have more opportunities to meet foreigners.Fourteen years later the facts seem to be supporting the people who believed Shanghai men were the more attractive.Before the 1990s Shanghai people rarely married people from other provinces or countries. Every year about 40 percent of the newlyweds in Shanghai are composed of Shanghai men and women from another part of China.Perhaps Stephanie needs to raise the plight of expat women in China by taking expat men down a peg.

Stephanie begins by establishing the first rule to learn about dating in Shanghai: Expat men are “spoiled by choice” by “a frenzy of dating as many local women as they possibly can with absolutely no commitment to any of them”.Incapable of repelling sexual advances due to being “inhibited about their sexuality” and a “submissive nature in the bedroom”, Stephanie describes Chinese women as Shanghai’s renewable resource that keeps replenishing the carnal needs of its dating pool, “ensuring that most Western men here are never short on sex”.If part of the problem is that Chinese women aren’t able to say “no”, the other half is that Chinese men aren’t able to ask the question.The comments were translated into English and the writer was invited to be a guest on BBC radio.The show brought the men of Shanghai international fame as people around the world split into two camps: those who didn't approve of Shanghai men because they were submissive and fearful of their wives; and those who believed Shanghai men made the best husbands.

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