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I can usually make sense of my kitchen radio, even if someone else is talking or the phone is ringing.In the aftermath of the horrendous Grenfell Tower disaster in London last year, I would like to know why rescuing trapped individuals appears to be beyond our present capabilities.

Snapchat last month rolled out a major new update to the Bitmoji app, which lets you build much more accurate-looking Bitmoji.The animation for the battles is well done, I certainly didn't have any complaints, there is plenty of movement and excitement, and the battles enough time to satisfy fans of action.The character designs are on the whole attractive albeit generic, but here we come to our first problem, the protagonist Haruyuki.It shows laziness in the writing, or a simple lack of ability.The side characters lack depth and are completely non descript, the enemies are infuriating (and not for the reasons they should be), and then there is Haru.

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