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Also books more recent and more detailed can also be found/suggested from the Dating Skills Review.( Although there are to date eleven products listed on the Dating Review, unfortunately the Dating Skills Review site has of this date not reviewed many of these products for men dating younger women.

-- going from being totally "date-less" to kissing an "absolutely marvelous" girl -- in only four days! Getting it to go the direction you want it to go is next to impossible.

Along the way, women will discover: The truth about men, sex, and dating *where the desirable men to meet them The essentials of effective flirting *how to move from "just friends" to lovers Surefire strategies for romancing a man's soul..seducing his body *how to avoid the pitfalls..dump the duds Definitive criteria for judging whether a relationship has staying power Instead of simply teaching tricks to hook a man, Louis and Copeland give women valuable insights into what truly makes the opposite sex tick..reveal precisely how to connect with the right man.

You'll never again "wish you could get laid," because you are naturally getting sex whenever you want it.If you are not entertaining her, then she is gone -- off talking to her girlfriend, or to some more entertaining guy.But being entertaining, by itself isn't enough to get that hot women in bed -- as plenty of entertaining-but-alone men have discovered.While publicizing their first team effort, How to Succeed with Women, Ron and David received many requests from the female audiences wanting to know when a book for them would be forthcoming.Packed with lively and revealing true-life examples, How to Succeed with Men moves from the first sparks, through courtships and break ups, to marriage.

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