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This isn’t where you go to find the hottest hookers or the nicest accommodations in the city, it is just a cheap place for easy sex.If you wanted a more upscale brothel try Las Cucardas.As this Lima sex guide will detail there are many brothels and erotic massage spas.Plus you can try to pick up street prostitutes or meet hookers online.Here the entry fee is 38 soles and the girls will generally charge 80 more for sex.More brothels in Lima you could try are: Overall though you are probably best off sticking with Las Cucardas, El Trocadero and El Bocetico.

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They will change location from time to time and many don’t even have names so it can be hard to list where to go.

With that said there are some that seem pretty well established and should probably still be up and kicking while you are in town. At Trocadero you pay 15 soles to enter and then most girls will want 30 for sex though that can vary.

Even though we are listing the street prostitutes first that doesn’t mean they are the best option.

This is a dying industry these days but you can still find some around.

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