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Heartbroken, Hadrian had Antinous declared a god, built temples to him all over the empire, named a star after him and built a city in Egypt, Antinopolis, in his honor.

When the Roman Empire became Christian the temples of the cult of Antinous were destroyed – though many of the statues ended up in the Vatican art collections where they were seen by the artist Raphael, who used his likeness when painting angels as his model of male perfection.

In Greece such relationships occurred between free born males – though there were also male prostitutes.Both the Greeks and Romans could appeal to religion in their belief that their behavior was moral, though we might have a different view on what is proper today.For the Greeks, Zeus had his male lover Ganymede, and Plato rated this love as higher than that found in marriage.Sexuality is a topic often whitewashed out of our history books, and we rarely see the place of LGBT people in the ancient world mentioned in television documentaries.Most of us know that the ancient pagan world was more tolerant of homosexuality than the one god religions that would follow.

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