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Lick his lips as if you were lapping an ice cream cone, suck on the tip of his tongue, and graze your lips against his."As he becomes increasingly aroused, his lips will engorge with blood, making them more sensitive," says Dr. You'll really send a jolt of erotic electricity through his system if you vary the texture by alternately using the top and underside of your tongue.

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Remember, it's how you work them that really matters."Having a better grasp of your partner's physiology will intensify sex for both of you," says Lana Holstein, MD, author of "When you understand why he reacts to certain touches and the best way to trigger those responses, you'll be able to give him extreme gratification." Intrigued?So were we, which is why we embarked on more randy research."When stimulated correctly, these erogenous zones transmit feel-good sensations to the brain in the same way the genitals do," says Dr. How to master it: To make his nipples — and the rest of him — quiver, play with them while you're having girl-on-top nooky.Start off coyly and allow the anticipation to grow by trailing your index finger along his chest, making gentle circles around, but not quite touching, his nips.

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