Seeing versus dating

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“I do feel confused if a guy ‘favorites’ me and I don’t hear from him after a day or two,” says North Carolinian Linda, 33. If I hear nothing, I get upset.” With so many different interpretations of what these dating tools are for, exactly, check out my five tips below designed to help you decide how and when to use them to your best advantage: 1.If you’re an online dating newbie, learn the rules.

She said that it creeped her out a bit.” Well, it seems that you can’t please everyone in this still-developing online dating world, Evan!

“Winking can make you look lazy or a bit like a ‘digital player,’” says Pennsylvanian Allan, 33.

“Some women assume that if you’re winking at them, you must be winking at a hundred others, too, since it’s so easy to do.” To add someone to your list of “favorites” on Match, click “Favorite him/her” on the right side of the person’s profile page.

Adding a note explaining that you enjoy giving and getting winks conveys that you’re not arbitrarily clicking around the site, and that you fully understand that these gestures can’t replace perpetually valuable efforts at romantic perseverance.

Another option to consider: stating the reasons why you like adding “favorites.” All online daters have different methods of browsing and keeping track of their matches, and “favoriting” is just another tool in that arsenal.

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