Sedating dog

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It is an antihistamine used mainly for allergies, but it can also calm down your pet.You should only use the pill or capsule form since the liquid variant contains too much alcohol and it is not safe for your fireworks or thunderstorms) or if he is hyperactive, you can administer drugs based on melatonin.Melatonin is an active substance which proves to be efficient against epilepsy attack in dogs.The trouble with any medication is that there are potential side effects and you have to weigh the risk versus the benefit.“Ace” has been given to tens of millions of dogs so it is not surprising that there are reports of adverse effects.An overdose can cause serious problems, from vomiting and diarrhea to seizures.

Dogs that manifest stress and anxiety can also be calmed down using substances based on appeasing pheromones.

Dog tranquilizers are used to calm down dogs in various circumstances.

You can use an over the counter tranquilizer under several circumstances such as grooming, a medical procedure, if he becomes too aggressive or hyperactive, if he develops anxiety and fear or if you need to transport or ship him somewhere.

We have to muzzle her and myself and husband have to hold her down(well try to hold her) so the groomer can try to get some hair off…problem is her two front legs are a mess…tons of hair on them…she WON’T let the groomer near them it’s awful. Hi Lorie, It’s heartbreaking to hear how Abby responds to her grooming appointments.

I talked to my Vet and he give me meds for her..”ACEPROMAZINE”…I am SCARED to death to give them to her…went online to read up on this med and there are too many bad comments from other people who have used this on their dogs with NOT good results… The response your little girl is having is fear and anxiety and Benadryl is rarely effective at calming a dog down.

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