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He had stalked her for 6 months before he attacked.

Little did she know, he was a twice convicted sex offender and the company failed to perform background checks on their employees. Anyway, there was this huge fundraiser called Dancing for Cause.

I was trying to keep up with a weekly blog from Scott, but I think it’s going to end up being a monthly blog. Permalink Leave a Comment January 23, 2010 at pm (Uncategorized) Hey everyone!

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I think Cappie’s more upset out of disappointment than betrayal, which still cuts deep, but is easier to mend over time.” On the camaraderie between himself and his castmate, Mc Dorman said, “No one’s more upset about the fall out than me and Scott Michael Foster.

The New Stuff: Scott and his neighbor, Jamie have launched a website called

It’s a series of funny videos that Scott, Jamie and Laura Prepon came up with.. He actually posts too, since he has twitter for his blackberry and can tweet on the go.

All you fans have to support him and watch the videos! Just recently, Scott flew in to Dallas to be a part of the charity that is near and dear to our family, The Sue Weaver CAUSE.

If you don’t know about The Sue Weaver CAUSE, you should check it out!

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