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That is, it was as if the river of fat had risen and later receded. The entire village had been destroyed and was in this situation.I saw this with my own eyes, and I'll never forget it.So, the most effective way against these dogs is to collect the people who have survived the clashes and dump them in deep holes and crush them under heavy rocks pressed from above, not to let them inhabit this world any longer. I collected all the women, men and children and extinguished their lives in the deep holes I dumped them into, crushing them with rocks."When we arrived at Zeve, the village couldn't be passed through because of its stench.It was as if the bones in our noses would fall off... We saw a weird scene on the threshold of one house: they had filled the house with Muslims and burned it, and so many people had been burnt that the fat that had oozed from under the threshold had turned back into the trench in front of the door.Case in point: If they are bloodthirsty savages, why did they wait for 600 years to slaughter us? The above is an addendum to the QUOTES page, on August 2007.The prior quotes are from the Ara Baliozian from way back when, but Mr. Armenian volunteer groups began to be organized with great zeal and pomp in Trans Caucasia.Perhaps a similar success could be gained in Cilicia..." (Christopher J. Shaumyan, the chief architect of the massacres throughout Azerbaijan, turned Baku into an Armenian operated henhouse [slaughterhouse]. The contingent is mostly composed of Armenian volunteers who fight with desperate courage, but whose excesses have shocked even the Russian commanders." Lewis Einstein, "Inside Constantinople A [Diplomat's] Diary During the Dardanelles Expedition, April-September, 1915,". Curiously, Ambassador Morgenthau is not mentioned at all.Walker, Armenia, The Survival of a Nation, Croom Helm, London / St. According to Justin Mc Carthy's Death and Exile," "Between 8,000 and 12,000 Muslims were killed in Baku alone.)"Many massacres were committed by the Armenians until our army arrived in Erzurum... "Literally Tzeghagron means 'to make a religion of ones race.' Patterned after the Nazi Youth It was also called Racial Patriots. Everything is for the race.' In the April 10, 1936, issue of Hairenik Weekly, Nejdeh stated: 'Today Germany and Italy are strong because as a nation they live and breathe in terms of race.' From Racial Patriots and Tzeghagrons, the name of the [Boston] Dashnag youth group was later changed to Armenian Youth Federation, or the AYF, as it is currently known."John Roy Carlson, a.k.a.

One sometimes feels the bullets shouldnt be wasted.

(after General Odesilitze left) 2,127 Muslim bodies were buried in Erzurum's center. There are ax, bayonet and bullet wounds on the dead bodies. Nejdeh wrote: 'The Racial Religious believes in his racial blood as a deity. Arto Derounian, "The Armenian Displaced Persons," Armenian Affairs, 1949-50, p. A beautiful description of fanatically racist Armenian minds in today's Internet forums, proudly carrying on the tradition of Hitleresque racial superiority.

Lungs of the bodies were removed and sharp stakes were struck in the eyes. This ability to distinguish Armenian "purity" from sub-human Muslims and Jews is what helped enable so many Armenians to commit mass murder.

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"Turks, Tartars, even Persians constituted the infidel powers which neighboured and threatened European Christiandom. Dashnaktsutyan Patmutiwn," Paris,1932 and Cairo,1950]. The author [1874-1934] has other works, including "L'Armnie et la Question Armnienne," noted in the library as "Delegation propaganda authenticated by the Armenian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919"]) "I killed Muslims by every means possible.

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