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Wealthy parents from around the world are proudly flaunting their children's very pampered lives on Instagram, sharing snaps of them in designer clothes and playing with wads of cash.Clockwise from top left: Reigning Supreme; cuddling up to cash; the best way to travel; posing on the car bonnet already; with a mini Louis Vuitton handbag and enjoying breakfast at a five star hotel.The outspoken mummy blogger and her husband Denim Cooke welcomed their first child Raja shortly after 2.30pm on Monday. I hear ya babe I hear ya,' Ms Hall posted, alongside a photo comparing the two couples.

Em Rusciano believes she has hit 'peak elderly wog dog lady.' The embattled - rumoured outgoing - 2Day FM breakfast co-host made the claims via Instagram on Wednesday evening, citing the fact she was already in her pyjamas and drinking wine before 5pm.Police allege the father, 33 and mother, 31, (both pictured left) fed their toddler a strict diet 'severely lacking in nutrients for her to thrive.' Rickets (inset) is a condition which results in weak or soft bones in children and can include symptoms such as bowed legs and stunted growth.The parents, who were living in a terrace (right) in Sydney's eastern suburbs before their arrest, have pleaded not guilty to all charges.The photo was taken at Pulpit Rock lookout, near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, and posted on the Instagram on Tuesday.The post instantly drew comments from other users ranging from the dismissive to the curious.

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