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Hopefully we run into each other somewhere in the world but if not let me know when you are back in Sydney and hopefully we can catch you are doing great!This is just to let you know that I will be at the upcoming Miami summit, it will be great to see you again and maybe have a steak together?I know have a much clearer view as to how to pursue my future goals and dreams. After the weekend was done I had a crystal clear view of how one can live in a way that you do not see in your average walk of life.We had a few discussions on business, will be my primary focus coming next year. I had come close to the same conclusions on my own, but seeing somebody live it thoroughly about 12 years ahead of you makes it that much more easy to visualize.I attribute most of the above to the path you help set me on, it took a while for me to move my life around to change direction but I am starting to see the results now.I also hope everything is going well for you too which you are probably killing it in every area.The business with Ziah didn’t pan out but from going through the process of attempting I learnt the skills to start two of my own, both are small side projects currently but I am enjoying experimenting with them.

I find that I am more confident with women, with my patients and most importantly being myself. but if you need anything even someone to help you in any capacity on a bootcamp. The guidance Derek and his assistants gave were spot on in for what I needed and did it in a way that really made an impact. Yep, when I have the time and if he hosts another bootcamp soon in proximity to where I live.

I have offended several people through my brutally honest interactions which I always tried to avoid in the past but now the women who vibe with me are hooked! I even pulled a Swedish girl I met on the bus ride home from NY. This was also the second time in my life I got same night lays two nights in a row and both with were pretty girls and made out with a really sexy girl in the club to add on to that. Derek is a well rounded individual who have attained huge goals with both Business and Chicas.

I had so much fun and grew so much I seriously wish all my weekends were bootcamp weekends aside from the lack of sleep I got, but it was completely worth it! I had some very specific questions for him coming up to the bootcamp.

How he views relationships, both short and long term. After I got home I made my own roadmap, and been chipping away at it ever since.

One thing that really helped me is to think about life in cycles.

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