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For this demo application, I have taken a very simple example. 1) Fix for the code block For the css 'pre', add new property 'min-width: 730px;' and add width nn percentage.

In the above code, first I am validating the page by using Page.: Hace uso de la propiedad On Client Click para definir el método javascript definido en la pagina.Un punto importante es el uso de return como antecesor el nombre de la función On Client Click="return Confirmacion();" El objetivo de este es evitar el postback del botón cuando no se acepte el mensaje de confirmación.Presentation Layer (UI) Presentation layer cotains pages like or windows form where data is presented to the user or input is taken from the user. Hope this article helped you understanding 3-Tier architecture and desiging it. Updated on July 01 2008: Source Code attached Full Name: Sheo Narayan Member Level: Honorary Platinum Member Status: Administrator Member Since: 7/8/2008 PMCountry: India Regards, Sheo Narayan MVP, Author, Writer, Mentor & architecting applications since year 2001.Business Access Layer (BAL) or Business Logic Layer BAL contains business logic, validations or calculations related with the data, if needed. Data Access Layer (DAL) DAL contains methods that helps business layer to connect the data and perform required action, might be returning data or manipulating data (insert, update, delete etc). Connect me on | | Hi, Nice article; Well and simply explained.

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