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Data Bind() 'Persist the table in the Session object. Close() End Using End Sub (look at the ASPX markup code to see what's the name of your input element name - give it one if it doesn't have) then use the code above to read your element in your grid view event handler. event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.I am using this to Dynamically create the entire Grid View object.首先在頁面上放置一個 Grid View 及 Sql Data Source 控制項,Grid View 設為可編輯狀態。 當 Grid View 編輯儲存時,我們要先做一些欄位值正確性的檢查動作,以下的範例為測試示範,只判斷 Last Name 欄位不得為空,這種必填欄位的判斷一般只要使用 Required Field Validator 控制項在 Client 端即可。 方法一:在 Grid View 的 Row Updating 事件處理欄位檢查 Grid View 在編輯儲存前會引發 Row Updating 事件,我們可以在此事件中處理欄位檢查,欄位檢查的程式碼如下。當欄位檢查不合法時,設定 e.How can I obtain the new value in string description? Sql Client; public partial class _Default : System. I do not know how to implement the Row Updating event in the Grid View. However, now I am all confused and lost with the Grid View. In the code below I have shown how you can extract the new values from the textboxes inside the Grid View.

Add(New Data Column("Col1_TOIL", Get Type(String))) dt.

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But I'm not sure how I would reference a Dynamically created Grid Views Row Editing, Row Deleting.. This article was very useful for me, but I was wandering about one problem I am having with this.

First, we get all information needed to generate the connection string that includes the server name, user name, and password and database name that are gotten from their corresponding Session variable.

Next, get the particular Grid View row which is being edited so that the new values of all fields of that row could be added in Array List is reset.

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