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Parry Romberg Syndrome has a higher prevalence in females and typically appears between 5 – 15 years of age. I constantly ask myself the question “Am I just being vain?

To be a woman in a society which still places high importance on their appearance (and of course, to an extent, the other sex) and suffer with a condition like this which for me, appeared in my turbulent teens, has caused problems that I never would have anticipated. ” There are so many lovely people out there, as well as my family and friends, who say, “But why are you letting them do this to you – I can’t notice anything wrong with you? ” But for every person who says that there will be a stranger who asks me “Have you been in a car crash?

But I realised it’s not about vanity, it’s about familiarity.

Of course everyone has times when they want to look their best – maybe for a job interview or a date or their wedding – and I suppose to a certain extent I want to look ‘my best’.

I don’t have these surgeries to ‘make me beautiful’ – that’s not the aim.

I simply want to look in the mirror and not see a stranger, I want to see something familiar: a friend.

Variations of the Stroop Test have been developed and tested recently, particularly with the goal of assessing executive functioning early in Alzheimer’s.

Rather than continue the same set of directions throughout the test, the new version required the participants to switch back and forth between two different sets of directions.

Other variations might include a written word that is not a color, such as the word "five" in a certain color ink. Neural Correlates of Stroop Performance in Alzheimer's Disease: A FDG-PET Study.

– and then injected into my face to correct the asymmetry.

Similar but much more painful reconstruction has also been carried out with Alloderm is a product produced from deceased donor skin and treated until only the collagen matrix is left behind.

” or a colleague who says, “Oh you were born with a cleft-lip, weren’t you?

” and it’s actually happened, I’m not making that up. ) Then every now and again I might post a selfie on social media because I caught myself at just the right angle; because for one day out of so many others I don’t hate my face and myself and I feel like sharing that happiness with the world and showing others with PRS that don’t have to hide either. But then I’ll have someone post that I’m attention seeking or vain….

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