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While first timers have no clue on how to kick start a conversation, those who have known each other for quite some time would agree that the essence of 'romance' has been missing.

' This is an example of an ideal conversation starter you likely to witness, when a couple is talking.

The ambiguity of the future, when coupled with the hopes and aspirations of the present and the experiences of the past, is sure to make way for a soulful conversation.

Start on the conversation by discussing how the two of you visualize your future together.

Did you know all girls and boys like their partner to be a little humorous?

A smile would definitely break the initial hiccups, if any and make both of you comfortable.

They exist at different levels of thinking (called "construal levels").Starting a conversation can be one of the freakiest tasks at hand and if the conversation starter is expected to be a romantic one, you are definitely taking the biggest challenge.Talking about romantic conversation starters, much is dependent on what you consider romantic.Sharing dreams and desires have long been slated as the best conversation starters to get close and intimate.You can ask what his /her biggest desire in life is or even the three wishes he/she would want from a genie.

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