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Later, upon exiting the Innovation Center, Owen's group were cornered by Blue, Echo, and Delta in Main Street.

Three weeks before the Indominus rex Paddock became open to the public, he was offered a job by Claire Dearing to check the paddock for any security breaches.

He went to visit the paddock with Claire only to find the Indominus rex not in her paddock, believing the claw marks on the paddock's wall to be evidence that she escaped.

So he, Ellis, and the paddock's supervisor, Nick, went inside to investigate.

They eventually found and confronted Hoskins, who confessed his involvement with the incident and his plans to have some dinosaurs weaponized for the military with Wu's collaboration, including a planned, scaled-down version of the I. Before he could continue, however, Delta, having stealthily followed Claire and her nephews, appeared.

Owen, Claire and the Mitchell brothers were then forced to flee after the raptor killed Hoskins, who failed at trying to calm her down by copying Owen's hand gesture.

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