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These can be in Parkland Walk, Barnesbury Wood or Gillespie Park itself.

At lunchtime, if we are working in Gillespie Park, those who’ve brought their own packed lunch or brought something back from the shops like to eat inside at the round table.

Now you are walking through a very long meadow, Long Mead, following the path past dog-walkers and joggers.

The meadow is filled with wildflowers: Goat’s Rue, Cow Parsley, Wild Carrot, Kidney Vetch, Lupin and Knapweed.

Volunteers can help here, as elsewhere on the reserve – swinging a scythe, pruning back bramble, raking up the cuttings.In mild weather, people enjoy lunch outside, often behind the Ecology Centre or sitting on the bench by the big pond. Turn right and walk across the parking area to the driveway, framed by a stand of trees and shrubbery. Walk up the drive past wildlife-friendly planting alongside the Ecology Centre.Look down over the rock garden, past giant Cardoon Thistles and Coneflowers to birdfeeders hanging on a long cable, the water purification pools and the bower.Other pondlife includes water skaters, newts, and water scorpions.The main pond at Gillespie Park was overgrown, in need of a clearout and a new pondliner.

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