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Her story during the election ends rather heartbreakingly ... during “The Cold,” when she takes the fall for the campaign’s problems.

She sacrifices herself for the right reasons – namely, that she believes Vinick needs to pull right to win – which makes his eventual loss without her all the harder.33. J.’s Pulitzer-winning press paramour who proved to be the most delightful thorn in her side.35.

She’s funny and tough as nails – we just wish she didn’t have to go so soon.

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Played By: Allison Janney Number of Episodes: 154One of the great mysteries of Hollywood—nay, of life—is that Aaron Sorkin is a fairly condescending and certainly problematic writer of women. But her capability and combination of strength and simple compassion represented the fantasy of the Bartlet White House better than anyone. —Signature Episode: The “Manchester” two-parter that kicks off season three features C. at her lowest, after she completely blunders the press-briefing that follows Bartlet’s MS announcement/military action in Haiti.The years since haven't been as kind to Sorkin's TV projects, as had in spades was a collection of well-written, heart-infused characters.These were the kind of people you wanted to know in your own life.We see her really struggle, but she gathers her backbone and has a great come-to-Jesus moment with Jed. He went on to appear in almost every episode in the series, entirely because of how incredible the character Sorkin and Sheen created together was.Bartlet wasn’t a phantom figurehead; he was inspiring, frustrating, flawed, genius, courageous, and paternal.

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