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In most cases too much water has passed under the bridge and the obtaining of decree absolute is public recognition that the parties, who are already divorced in body and mind, are now legally divorced.

For most, it is the final orderly step to the beginning of a new life and new, guilt-free relationships.

Sometimes more than a year has passed since the decree nisi.

In that case, the process is slightly different and it is necessary to explain to the court why such a length of time has elapsed and in particular whether the parties have resumed cohabitation or there has been a child born.

I have waited and waited and never get a reply from my wife’s solicitor. The divorce process in England is conducted in three stages: 1. When a divorced person wishes to remarry, a sealed copy of the decree absolute must be produced as evidence the party is legally free to do so.

It is possible to be fully divorced without a financial settlement being resolved.

A Respondent to the divorce is not treated the same as the Petitioner.

A Respondent, such as Steve, make an application for the decree absolute if the Petitioner fails or refuses to do so, but only after a further three months has elapsed from the earliest date the Petitioner could have applied.

The parties are still able to change their minds about getting divorced.

It is rare for the court to require a hearing but when circumstances are unusual it may.

Further practical advice on all these matters is available at the Direct Gov website.

In some cases there is, in fact, a rush to decree absolute.

For example, if there is a potential bankruptcy on the horizon and a financial settlement needs to be implemented.

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