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Par deedi ki nazar meri nangi chest par hi chipak gayi.

Woh 2min takk mujhe ghoorti rahi mere dubaare kehne par woh chhottu ke paas gayi.

First, ask her if she enjoyed oral when she allowed you to go down on her.

Woh momma dekh kar meri aankhe fati ki fati reh gayi tabhi deedi ki nazar mujh par padi, maine deedi ko sorry kaha aur bedroom se bahar aa gaya.

Par deedi ka momma meri aankho ke aage ghoomne lagg gaya kisi tarah maine apne mann ko samjhaya.

(Remember, the fact that she climaxed isn't proof that she enjoyed it. Did you go down there without asking, which didn't give her higher brain functions/inhibitions a chance to kick in?

Her orgasm is a physiological response; her pleasure is a combo of psychological responses and physiological responses.) If oral is pleasurable for her when she can allow you to go down on her, figure out what was different about those times. (Please note: Not asking isn't an option for new partners or new moves.) If you can figure out what worked and why—freshly showered, mildly buzzed, no questions asked—you won't have to stick your head in the toilet to prove a point.

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