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Seeds sown after last frost quickly form dense 60 cm shrubs covered in trumpeted blooms in clear colours of rose, red, yellow or white.

Large heads of carnation- scented flowers of the deepest oxblood red rise up from leafy mounds.

Its heady fragrance made it most desirable and after the development of several new colours and an increase in bloom size, it was much sought after cut flower gracing the finest of tables. A nursery catalogue from 1907 shows 461 varieties trialed at the Royal Seed Establishment in Reading, England.

The gardeners love affair with the Sweet Pea goes back to 1699 to the cool, mountainous pastures of Sicily where it was discovered by an Italian monk. Uvedale, a gardener and physician in England who grew it under glass. Eckford, the son of Henry Eckford, the great Victorian sweet pea grower.

Harvest in 8 to 11 weeks and continue into the frost. RADISHES Round Black Spanish Dating to the 1820s, this is an unusual black skinned radish with white flesh that is crisp and flavourful.

Still the same sultry evening fragrance that drifts on those early summer nights. Pick leaves from bottom before they reach maximum size and leave the crown to grow more leaves. Or it is preferable to Direct Seed in April or May in a sunny location in rich, well drained garden soil. Plant from early to late spring and late summer to early fall.

In the language of flowers, the sweet pea means adieu or departure. Exquisite and highly fragrant, these varieties of sweet peas from yesteryear are slowly making a comeback and we at Florabunda are delighted to offer multiple choices. Harvest in the autumn andfinish drying them in a well ventilated area. SEED COUNT: 900 plus Gaillardia aristata grandiflora - A sumptuous pure red variety of blanketflower, loved for its 7 cm rayed flowers on long stems, blooming tirelessly for months on end.

Take it easy on the fertilizer or it will produce too many leaves. Plant them in a border or meadow garden to keep the bees and butterflies coming!

SEED COUNT: 200 plus Petunia integrifolia pendula Brought to the attention of gardeners from Brazil in the mid 1800s, this deliciously scented, trailing annual flower is loaded with trumpet shaped, 3 cm, magenta blossoms that go strong all summer. They will survive in just about any soil, but will thrive on light, rich soil and lots of heat. Their long stems support hundreds of honeyscented florets that produce a pincushion effect and make them wonderful long-lasting cut flowers.

Dianthus barbatus \'Nigricans\' The botanical name means \"divine bearded flower.\" Not surprising that they are a favourite of the swallowtail butterfly.

Lilac-like flowers are fragrant and will bloom all summer and well into fall.

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